imageI had a blast turning this auburn beauty into Ariel.


imageThis beautiful Lady never had her hair colored before meeting me. We had a great time taking her from a faded natural red and turning it back to her beautiful red of her teen years. She was so happy with the results, so was I. She was so much fun.

Beacon 2016

I am so honored to be picked a winner in the Professional Beauty Association’s Beacon competition. I will be attending the PBA’s Beauty week and the NAHA awards in Las Vegas in July. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was second guessing myself for changing careers but this helped me see , I am right where I should be.

Spiral Perm

imageDid my very first perm and it was a spiral. My client had told me that the back of her head was resistant to perm and the solution had to be left on longer. I changed to an alkaline perm and used purple and orange rods in and organic sectioning. I began the solution in the resistant section. My client was very happy with the results.

Fashion for a Cause

imageI was recently in my first hair show. It was fun, nerve racking and stressful. I learned so much from this experience. I would love to do another one, maybe next year. The theme of the show was Elements, my team was wind. I got inspiration from peacocks, even with the massive tail they can fly. No matter how heavy life seems you can still succeed.

Steel blue

imageOne of my peers at school wanted a steel blue color done. I found a formula and tweaked it a little and applied the color. She got exactly what she wanted. We did have a learning experience with this application, slow down. I had some holidays and went back and fixed the problem. I gave her the formula when she moved back to California this week. Another bittersweet moment for me.